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Match 17 (25th scheduled) 2019: August 18

Pimlico Strollers CC vs Battersea Bohemians CC

Strollers stroll to buoyant win over Bohos
posted: August 21

Strollers vs Battersea Bohemians 18 August 2019

Twas was the night before Sunday, when all through London not a stroller was stirring, not even a Batesy. All you could hear was the faint sound of Archer’s bouncer echoing through their dreams.

The team for Sunday was so strong that not even Tom Bowler or Matt Morgan could get on the list. Tom decided to take the honourable route of watching the ashes and supporting the Strollers from afar. Matt did not. Matt, like a scorned mistress, decided to court the opposition into batting at a destructive #3 for them in the hope of inflicting as much damage to the Strollers on the small Ferme park as possible. The scene was set.

Early rain delayed the opening curtain on the much-anticipated match between The Battersea Bohemians & the Pimlico Strollers. With Captain Dave “skipper” Gorton rescuing re-routed players; Gourav made short work of winning the toss and opting to Bowl first on the unpredictable pitch.
Math “2 teams” Morgan was welcomed to the crease earlier than expected when Rohit “safe hands” made a diving catch off a sublime Va-“runs come easy” Deo’s delivery to take the opener Buller for a duck.

Matt’s reception to the crease was reminiscent of Warner to the Edgbaston boundary, although he remained unmoved by the hostile environment as he marked his guard. Some excellent bowling by Bob “where’s my stump” Ghosh and Varun restricted the Boho’s to just 31 for 1 after 8 overs. Pressure was mounting on Matthew & Lancaster in the middle when Vatsal “Work Visa” Dhar came into the attack.

Vatsal made splinters of Lancaster’s off stump leaving him to walk back to the pavilion with just 2 runs to his name. Vatsal continued for a further four unplayable overs losing only 3 runs opposite Dave Skip Gorton. The experienced Leece came in to form a decent partnership with Matthew. But tight bowling from the captain and colleague reduced the bohos to just 60-2 after 16 overs. Despite bowling well Dave’s captaincy shown through as he made inspired decision to couple the devastating pace of Kash “don’t need to catch it, I’ll hit the stumps” Khan and Gourav “perfect length” Jain.

This 8 over spell was extremely productive for the Strollers as they ripped through the boho’s middle order. Kash took the prized scalp of Matt “can I stroll again?” Morgan followed quickly by the danger man Tom Whyte for a duck leaving him on a hat trick. Unfortunately, it was not to be with Guarav taking another boho for a duck. Kash still wanted a 3rd wicket and Macaskill obliged him.

With more pressure on the batsman than a rice cooker, the skip put Ron & Bates into the attack. Ron “right arm Wizard” having handed over the wicket keeping gloves was quick to make his mark taking a caught and bowled with the grace of a member of the Russian ballet & then he took Archdales off stump with the same vigour as Putin in Ukraine. Batesy bowled a tight 3 over leaving the Boho’s staring defeat in the eye. There only saviour was the partnership between Ross Lancaster & Drew.

Another inspired change saw Rohit “safe hands” come into the attack. Ross saw his half century up. Next ball Rohit showed him the Door.

A last ditch stand between Drew & Little left captain Gorton no choice but to turn to newbie Ru-“beam-in” Salam. Three full tosses and a top of off stump Yorker saw Little fall. The Strollers target was 165 from 35 overs. Surprisingly despite the quality of bowling not a single LBW was given.

First up was Gurav & Kash “me if you can” Khan. There was some serious intent early on with Guarav batting like he wanted to get this done in 10 overs so we could watch the final session. Finishing the second over at a ran rate of 4 it didn’t look like slowing. In the third over a lovely cover drive led to Gurav calling the run; Kash could see there was an easy 2 on the cards so saved his legs and let Guarav run them both. Guarav didn’t have the pace and was run out on the way back leaving the Strollers 12-1 after 3 overs. Guarav gave Kash an apologetic look as he made his way to the bar with a quick 8 by his name.

Not to worry though up next was George, practice swinging his way to the crease there was deadly silence in boho ranks. You could taste their fear. As he marked, his guard in the fifth over you could see the petrified perspiration of bowler Whyte. A Fluke delivery found an edge and George was making his way back to the changing room. An sigh of relief went through the bohos.

The Strollers needed a saviour and up stood Bob “in form” Ghosh. Quick boundries steadied the Strollers nerves and order seemed restored until the 10th over. The Strollers entered it on 44-2. The first delivery hit Bob on the back foot just outside leg. Ferocious appeals from the Boho’s were met with deaf ears from the stoic umpire. Bob hit the bowlers’ next delivery, showing his disdain, out of the park for six. A new ball was required. The next delivery; Bob stepped across his stumps only to get struck on the pads once more. Unfortunately, Bob was covering the stumps; leaving the umpire nothing to use as a point of reference. If in doubt, give it out… the finger went up. Bob’s destructive innings ended. Watching the highlights, he probably should have reviewed the decision. A very respectable 27 with no dots none the less.

Another inspired change saw Captain Dave take Rubin “how high is the stump?” Salam from the field of play.

Hope was not lost though as “one” Ron “short” Bhanargee came to the crease. Unfortunately Kash was caught the next over making a solid 19. The Strollers were 71-4 when Captain Dave lost his wicket to a bowler too quick for his own good adding 6 runs to the chase including a lovely 4.

At 87-5 things were looking a little bit nervy. In came new man Vatsal. Who put on a great stand with Ron before succumbing to the pace of Little for 12. A great all round performance for the new man.
Va-“runs when you need them” Deo came to the crease. A lovely partnership with Ron saw them see the Strollers 150 come up. Some mis-information entered Ron’s ear, who thinking he had reached his 50, causing him to come down the wicket only to be stumped on a valiant 49.

Rubin “make room” Salam came to the crease to support Varun has he hit the winning runs!

Stroll on!

Rubin Salam

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