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Portugal Tour, May 2009: Gav’s photos
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Strollers arrive in Portugal and head straight for the drinks lodge ...as yet the locals' feathers are unruffled at the Strollers arrival skipper forced to rethink that on-tour drinking ban un-named Stroller inside barrel not pictured
Porto's equivalent to the valley of sin one of these port glasses may have been spiked... ex skip takes a Big Gav sized liking to the local tipple Holmes knocks back his pre-match Isotonic Lucozade Port
...meanwhile, back at the club, Morgan jets in from the 1950s Oporto CC skipper welcomes our own Capn' Chris to the middle History in the making, folks - this being the same coin as used for the first ever cricket match in Portugal ...and now this! Lucas still as much of an appalling tosser in Portugal as he is back home
Oporto CC lines up, 16 May 2009 Pimlico Strollers CC touring squad to Portugal, May 2009 back row (l-r): Joshi, Richardson, Lucarotti, Fowler, Smith, Holmes... front row (l-r): Haines, Deavin, Brown, Lucas (*), Morgan (+), Betts Strollers and Oporto cricketers strike a pose Fowler shows Deavin the way to the middle following last night's revels
Oporto CC ground in all it's finery a sent back Holmes ...but with the ball Holmes is devastating, collecting a match winning 6-18! scorecard on the verge of recording the last rites for Oporto
Victory assured, the Strollers adjourn to the clubhouse Holmes, Betts and Deavin enthrall with tales of imperial grandeur Skipper is introduced to President Peter ...didn't he do well? Little and large prepare for the evening's entertainment
Strollers first time tourists found hiding away from potentially chafing initiation ceremony That Coach Drivers' Convention gets into full swing President Peter insists 'I'm Strolling..!' Morgan announces grace ...amazing
Polyester clad Strollers edge backward from candlelit dinner Holmes shown mid crisis of conscience as he finds himself fully engaged in country club repartie ...and not wincing Lucas breaks with tradition and delivers impassioned pre dinner speech... diners look on hungrily ...he's on a roll now, folks!
Skipper presents opposite number with much admir'd official Strollers tea cosy Oporto skipper unimpressed with offer of lifelong friendship Oporto skipper sticks with tradition and delivers after dinner speech Following excellent knock De Dazzler offered strong sedative to put a stopper on 'the runs' tomorrow
Strollers light-fingered skipper asked to return this to the minibar Vice skipper launches into impromptu tirade about something or other... answers on a postcard Harsh unusually aims down completely the wrong line Strollers, undeniably ...GOLD!
Lucas puts brave face on the morning after when introduced to Oporo vice skipper ...10 groggy team mates not shown Harsh 'I love the smell of runs in the morning' Joshi gets stuck into the oppo attack Smith backs up into a minor coronary Strollers bench - give us a wave!
Kieron shoots one through the covers in typical Sunday morning style The onset of rain does little to dampen Strollers spirits ...why, the bar is open! Harsh celebrates a magnificent ton ...at least 100 runs more than his previous overseas knock! Captain Fantastic, gracious in another well earned victory, thanks hosts Oporto for a truly fine weekend!

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