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AGM report
posted: November 10, 2019

Victory for democracy as Davie G clings to power at Strollers AGM

David Gorton and Gaurav Jain

Once again the Strollers assembled at The White Horse, Soho on Friday evening to conduct our AGM which, in typical fashion, involved animated discussion, reflections on another fine season and of course the bringing forth that bastion of modern democracy, the Bucket Of Justice to determine who should lead our fine club for the year ahead.

Proceedings kicked off with the customary revelation of the season and career averages, accompanied with a few much-needed strong drinks (Abhik generously getting in a round of tequila slammers alarmingly early in the evening). This was followed by a rousing recollection of the 2019 season from skipper Davie G who noted that Georgie Brown's attempts to head the ball when going for a catch in the first match very much set the tone for an injury-plagued summer. Nonetheless it was undenyably season with a myriad of memorable victories along the way that ensured our win/ loss tally ended up thoroughly in the black.

In contributing to that success, recognition was duly given with gongs handed out to Spencer, once again batsman of the year having amassed 663 runs – notching up a staggering six thousand career runs on the way – Abhik (bowler of the year with an average of just over 15) and our most welcome newcomers Varun and Rohit. Our most prestigious award of the evening – that of Stroller of the Year – was deservedly collected by Gaurav, who's metronomic seam bowling and stylish batting played such a crucial role in many of our finest moments this season.

In what may in furture be remembered as a more alarming development, the mantle of Tour Secretary was passed from Dave 'The Kitten' Couldrey to Ron 'Boundary' Banerjee... the wisdom of that decison will remain to be seen following our next overseas Strollers adventure... watch this space for further news.

And so, finally we came to the moment when the Bucket Of Justice, this time not by Matt 'The Cat' Morgan (who was regrettably absent on this occasion) but instead by Father Of The House, George 'Mad Dog' Brown who despatched his responsibilities as returning officer with such lusty elan as to rival outgpoing Commons Speaker John Bercow.

The field for nominations for skipper was wide and varied but, after a round of heartfelt hustings (some less genuine than others) we cast our votes. Having successfully negotiated a false start owing to spoilt ballots – doubtless caused by an unprecidented third round of tequilas – by closing time George was delighted to proclaim that Davie G had successfully campaigned to remain in office for a further season, to be ably supported this year round by the Spengali General himself, Mr Spencer Fowler.

Another victory for democracy then and, having concluded formal proceedings with a customary chorus of Spandau Ballet's 'Gold', another excuse for more tequila! Here's to another great year ahead.

Stroll on!

In attendance: Ron Banerjee, George Brown, David Couldrey, Varun Deo, Spencer Fowler, Abhik Ghosh, David Gorton, Gaurav Jain, Tom Harvey, Rohit Kawathekar, Gavin Richardson


Stroller Of The Year
Gaurav Jain (339 runs at 42.35, 9 wickets at 16.55)

Batsman Of The Year
Spencer Fowler (663 runs at 62.27)

Bowler Of The Year
Abhik Ghosh (13 wickets at 15.46)

Newcomers Of The Year
Varun Deo and Rohit Kawathekar


Updated averages were unveiled and are now available to view on the website:

Gavin Richardson

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