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Player Profiles

Glynn Williams

Debut: 1994
Right arm fast bowler, right hand batsman
Glyn Williams

Glynn Williams was the Strollers’ Devon Malcolm. No one has hit the deck harder with a fast ball or had as little idea where it might end up. Terrifying for any batsmen contemplating the sheer randomness of possibility, Glynn has explored chaos theory more thoroughly than Jeff Goldblum ever did in ‘Jurassic Park’ (not to be confused with Jurassic Mark). As a Lillee and Thompson “raptor-like” pair, with a younger, faster, swing bowling Holmes, Glynn would open the Strollers attack and bulldoze, bounce and beam his way through the opposition top order. But always “his own opposition” Glynn would then give himself grief over his imperfections and would often sulk through the rest of a game. Needing to fulfil some deep seated personal desire to pass himself off as pseudo-aristocracy he moved to Esher and was last seen about three years ago having shed his alarming pace in favour of hockey and pinochle.

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