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Gideon Reeve

Debut: 2012
Right hand medium pace bowler/ right hand bat
Gideon Reeve

That rarest of specimins, an healthy Stroller, professional dance instructor Gideon ('Gid') Reeve was first introduced to the side by Sturminator Tim in his own captaincy year of 2012. Reeve immediately impressed his team mates with his probing and accurate medium pace bowling in conjunction with his useful batting ability.

Of more concern, however, were his outward (and, frankly, uncalled-for) displays of wellbeing as noted in particular on 2014's tour to Croatia, when his on deck Yoga regimen on the ferry to Vis was met with almost as much alarm as the strange grassy green 'nutritional' potion he insisted on imbibing ahead of each game. Followed by a subsequent and downright troubling debate he instigated over the question of which body part one could most happily live without, Strollers everywhere have learned to treat Reeve with a degree of respect, albeit a suspicious degree. Frequently seen on the boundary performing full handstands as part of his off-puttingly thorough warm up routine it is fair to say Reeve has likewise turned the Strollers entire attitude towards fitness and health on it's head.

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