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Player Profiles

Abhinav Champaneri

Debut: 2014
Right hand bowler/ right hand bat
Abhinav Champaneri

A very welcome addition to the Strollers in recent seasons, Abhinav (Abhi) Champaneri may at face value cut a rather quiet figure.

However still waters run deep and, on closer inspection, 'The Champ' (as he is now known in these here parts) has revealed himself to be a wicket taking bowler with a muscular action and a batsman who attacks with intent.

Would prefer that his team mates saw him as a 'batsman who bowls' rather than vice versa but Strollers captains so far have failed to believe him, apparently. Will doubtless get his chance to disprove the collective wisdom of Strollers skippers (if that isn't an oxymoron) in the years to come.

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