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Pimlico Strollers CC 20th Anniversary Match, 28 June 2009
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Two of the Strollers more experienced tossers get proceedings underway. Understandably moved by the occasion, Capt Moorhouse breaks into song. Capn' Big Gav fears he may have incurred the wrath of the Noughties by electing to field first. That Benny Hill pitch invasion in full.
Brown parades his wares to the Noughties slip cordon. As usual, Boughey wrong-foots everybody. Betts Jnr lets fly at the old man. Asked what he made of the game, Umpire Lucas retorted, 'it's all a bit of a blur'.
Connell ups the ante with added pace. Betts flashes again. Is the Legend attempting to run himself out? ...answers on a postcard. Connell pirhouettes up to the crease.
Betts shows the maker's name. Ward windmills in. De Dazzler demonstrates customary leg glance. ...whilst Deavin gets on and pulls.
Noughties agog at rare sight of De Dazzler's peg (as in not leg) demolished. Just what the Doctor ordered... Morgan makes his point. Morgan Jnr wants a pop at pop.
INCOMING!!! Deavin digs one out. Morgan ignores jibes from Junior at midwicket. Gillies returns (in more ways than one).
Strollers seemingly unconcerned by collapsed child just yards away. I pity the fool who faces Mr T's bowling! Boughey spots oversized female onlooker in crowd. Ward bored.
James sets himself up for an even longer throw. ...as it dawns on Mickey that he has to back up. Joshi congrats the Cat. Graeme goes commando.
Garvey hurls... Poised to perfection. Jez follows through. Umpire Caldwell debates reporting Gillies to the ICC on grounds of suspect action.
Gillies successfully recruits Fowler to Crouch End Morris Dancing Society. ...Ward and Boughey less keen. Capt Moorhouse deftly dispatches another. ...anyone would think the photographer fancies this Gillies chap.
Meanwhile, skip gets a wriggle on. Moorhouse Jnr charges in, Tommo-like Lucas flicks to leg BA Baracus on his backside
Bob goes for the old heave-ho. Ward pouches to see off the skip. 'The Pale' Lucarotti at full stretch. Crazy fool, I ain't gettin' on no train!
'The Fish' goes fishing. That classic Betts/Morgan opening partnership imperious in the middle once more... hang on... Like fathers like sons, daft run out opportunities fully explored. Morgan Snr never knew what was about to hit him.
Big Gav no balls Small Gav The skies are beginning to bruise and we shall be forced to go camp. Sherlock, 3 miliseconds before banshee-esque LBW appeal. ...but Ward and Lucarotti mean business.
Some Strollers are on the pitch. They think it's all over... Strollers Of The Nineties (back row l-r): Holmes, Marshall, Haines, Brown, Deavin, Caldwell (front row l-r): Barker, Morgan (+), Moorhouse (*), Betts, Marcus (Lucas, Pile, Fisher, Masters J & Masters JJ not pictured) BUNDLE!! Strollers Of The Noughties (back row l-r): Garvey, Gillies, Boughey, Fowler, Lucarotti (& pint), Ward M, Leighton (front row l-r): Connell, Joshi, Morgan J, Richardson (*), Betts D, Moorhouse D, Caldwell J, Ward B (+)
Pimlico Strollers CC - 20 not out! Spencer proves once and for all that you CAN have your cake and eat it!    

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