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Photo Gallery

2012 season highlights
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Big Gav comes a cropper against the Taverners (19 August 2012) Strollers at Hawbridge & Cholesbury (29 July 2012) Despite appearances, calypso cricket it ain't in Cholesbury... Sturm contemplates exactly how he was persuaded to bat first...
A rare glimpse of 2012 cricket in the sun! Betts Jnr getting to grips with the latest in touchscreen technology. A sense of impending doom at Cholesbury Common? Strollers skipper refuses to face facts.
Big Gav 'mid squelch' regrets choice of footwear... Strollers impressed by Harvey's uncanny King Canute impression. The 2012 sports casual line as worn by Strollers and Cholesbury skippers. More running repairs on the Cholesbury pitch.
Couldrey cocks snook at tradition and walks to the middle minus whites. The Cholesbury 'Super Woofer' in action!

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